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Frog Freddy | Money Box

Frog Freddy | Money Box

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Happy House Frog Freddy is without doubt our most energetic pet. That he loves water is obvious: the bathtub is his favourite place in the house and he turns doing the dishes into a splashing fun activity every time. This iconic ceramic piggy bank features one of our cheerful patterns and is available in sizes M and L. Freddy puts a smile on your face every day and brings colour to your interior. Ideal as decoration!


  • M: L18xD16xH14 CM
  • L: L28xD22xH22 CM
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  • birds-in-love-funkygreen
  • happy-flowers-skyblue
  • flowers-in-the-sun
  • daisy-dreams-in-green-blumenwiesen
  • its-raining-in-greenville
  • butterfly-paradise
  • coccinelle-mossgreen
  • magic-garden-applegreen
  • happy-flowers-froggreen
  • birds-in-love-funkygreen - 40075726553248
  • happy-flowers-skyblue - 40075726618784
  • flowers-in-the-sun - 40075726782624
  • daisy-dreams-in-green-blumenwiesen - 42100461371642
  • its-raining-in-greenville - 42100461404410
  • butterfly-paradise - 42100461437178
  • coccinelle-mossgreen - 42100461469946
  • magic-garden-applegreen - 42100461502714
  • happy-flowers-froggreen - 42100461535482
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Why choose for

Ideal decoration

Living room, kitchen, bedroom ... A Pomme pidou pet is a perfect decoration item for anywhere in the house.


From start to finish, each Pomme pidou pet is unique as it is handmade throughout the whole process.

High-quality ceramic

Composed from the finest ceramics available, each animal from the Pomme pidou collection is sturdy and resilient as indoor decoration.

Free Gift Box included

As each Pomme pidou comes in a beautiful gift box, they make a beautiful gift idea!

Frog Freddy | Money Box
Frog Freddy | Money Box
Frog Freddy | Money Box

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